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Covidence is officially here! Click here to sign up for access via our institutional account.

Covidence is a user-friendly review management system that streamlines review processes. Whether you’re doing a literature review or undertaking a systematic review, Covidence can help and we’ll be glad to support you through the process. 

The following video sequence covers the main steps of using Covidence in order:

Common Questions about Covidence

Can I invite a collaborator at another university to join my review?

Answer: Yes. After you’ve created the review using our UVA institutional account, you can invite reviewers from outside of our organization.

I’m in the screening stage of the review process, but my abstracts don’t seem to be moving into the full-text review stage even though I’m saying “yes” to them. Do you know what might be causing this?

Answer: If you’re only using 1 reviewer for each stage of your screening, you may need to adjust your review settings from the default (2 reviewers). Click on “settings” and choose “review settings.” If you scroll down, you’ll see that there are now a few more options available to choose from, including selecting the number of reviewers required for your screening stages.

I signed up for my own account using the UVA institutional account access link provided, but I’m still limited to one trial review. How can I ensure I have access to unlimited reviews through our institutional account?

Answer: When creating a new review, make sure to select the “UVA Health Sciences Library” account (pictured below). Your review will still be created in your personal Covidence account, but you’ll get access to our unlimited subscription this way.

Citation Management - Zotero

Download Zotero and the Zotero connector for your web browser, review the user tips and tutorial below, then use the screenshots below to customize your settings.

Check our HSL Event Calendar for upcoming Zotero training workshops.

Zotero Preferences

Navigate to "Edit" then "Preferences" in desktop version of Zotero for PC.

Preferences are under "Zotero" menu in Mac. 

Image of navigating to "edit" then "preferences" in Zotero

Screenshot image of Zotero Export Preferences

Screenshot image of Zotero cite preferences

Screenshot image of Zotero Advanced Preferences

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