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Introduction to Institutional Records, Data, and Websites

During the course of its operations, UVA Health produces a large body of records, data, and websites. The University of Virginia preserves a small portion of these materials in accordance with federal law, Virginia state law, and UVA policies. Some sources are readily accessible online, but most of them can only be accessed with the assistance of an archivist. If you would like any help navigating our institutional records, contact Historical Collections staff at the Claude Moore Health Sciences Library: hsl-historical@virginia.edu or 434-982-0576.

Records Collections

For over 200 years, the University of Virginia has preserved significant records documenting its development and operation. Archivists process most of these materials into records collections and make them available to the public. Below is a list of major records collections at the University that document the history of UVA Health with links to the findings aids that describe their content.

School of Medicine Records (RG-17-1)

RG-17-1 is the primary collection of records that document the history of the UVA School of Medicine during the 20th and 21st centuries. It is housed at the Claude Moore Health Sciences Library and includes reports, correspondence, newsletters, publications, blogs, web pages, directories, catalogs, photographs, presentations, policies, handbooks, syllabi, accreditation files, histories, biographies, and other materials. [The finding aid for this collection is currently in development].

Records documenting the history of the School of Medicine during the 19th century are dispersed among several collections at the Albert and Shirley Small Special Collections Library.

Student records in RG-17-1 are not available for public research. Please contact the UVA School of Medicine Registrar to inquire about access to medical student records.

UVA School of Nursing Records

The Eleanor Crowder Bjoring Center for Nursing Historical Inquiry is the primary repository for the historical records of the UVA School of Nursing. Please reach out to the Center to learn more about this collection of materials.

UVA Medical Center Records (RG-17-2)

RG-17-2 is the primary records collection that documents the history of the UVA Medical Center from its founding in 1901 to the present day. The finding aid for RG-17-2 is currently in development at the Claude Moore Health Sciences Library. Please contact the Library's Historical Collections department to inquire about access to these materials.

UVA Hospital Executive Director's Office Records (MS-7)

This collection consists of the administrative files of the UVA Hospital Executive Director's Office. It is a rich source of information about the operation of UVA Hospital from the 1920s to the 1980s, and it includes reports, meeting minutes, correspondence, and other materials.

Department of Student Health Records (RG-17-6)

RG-17-6 is a collection of the UVA Student Health Department's administrative records including reports, correspondence, policy documents, and other materials dating from the 1930s to the 1980s. The collection does not contain any student records.

UVA Board of Visitors Minutes

The University of Virginia Library maintains online access to the UVA Board of Visitors minutes from 1817 to 2007. In addition, the Board maintains an archive of minutes from 2008 to the present on its website. BOV minutes can be helpful when researching high-level decisions, faculty appointments, building memorialization, and significant gifts.

Annual Reports to the President

The Albert and Shirley Small Special Collections Library is home to two series of annual reports that UVA schools and divisions submitted to the University President between 1904 and 1972. The annual reports of the School of Medicine, School of Nursing, and UVA Hospital provide internal summaries of their operations. After 1972, annual reports were dispersed throughout other collections.

Papers of the President

These collections at the Albert and Shirley Small Special Collections Library contain reports, budgets, correspondence, meeting minutes, and other records collected and used in the Office of the UVA President. Subject files for the School of Medicine, the School of Nursing, and UVA Hospital/Medical Center contain materials documenting the management of these divisions and significant developments in their history.

Facilities Management Archives

UVA Facilities Management maintains a digital collection of architectural and engineering drawings and specifications for UVA Health buildings, landscapes, and infrastructures. Researchers can search the collection catalog online and then contact Facilities Management to request access to items that interest them.

Health Sciences Library Records (RG-17-4)

The Claude Moore Health Sciences Library preserves a collection of its own historical records that includes reports, newsletters, photographs, correspondence, and other materials.

Institutional Data

UVA Health collects and analyzes data about many elements of its operations. Below is a list of resources where the public can access some of this data.

University Stats and Facts

The Office of Institutional Research and Analytics provides online access to visualizations of statistical information about UVA students and employees. Most of the student data goes back to the 1990s, while most of the employee data dates back to 2012.

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