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Note About LGBTQIA+ History

The resources gathered within this LibGuide represent a starting point for this area of historical research, and we acknowledge that much work remains to be done on the topic of LGBTQIA+ History at UVA Health. Some of the sources included in this guide relate more broadly to LGBTQIA+ history across the University of Virginia, rather than just specifically at UVA Health.

This guide will use the acronym "LGBTQIA+" as its preferred term, unless referencing an existing or historical resource which uses an alternate acronym or designation (e.g. LGBT, Queer, etc.) Please be aware that researching topics related to LGBTQIA+ history will often cause the researcher to encounter anachronistic language, including terms now considered derogatory and pathologizing. 

Questions, comments, and suggestions regarding this LibGuide and/or research into the topic of LGBTQIA+ history are welcome. Please contact us at hsl-historical@virginia.edu.

LGBTQIA+ at UVA Health Historical Resource Guide

Online Resources

  • "All the While We Grew Stronger:" Queering the University Exhibition, 2019-2022. An exhibition created to uncover and promote the histories of LGBTQIA+ groups and individuals at the University of Virginia. An installment of the exhibition was displayed in Newcomb Hall in 2019, and a full digital version is in-progress. The current website also provides historical references and related resources. The project was curated by UVA student Chad Kamen (Class of 2020).

  • Gale Archives of Sexuality and Gender. [Access available to UVA affiliates.] A digital collection of primary sources related to the historical study of sexuality and gender. Materials in the archives come from hundreds of institutions and organizations; included are several references to Charlottesville and the University of Virginia.

  • LGBTQ Center Archive, 1993-1999. This collection of digitized documents from the UVA LGBTQ Center was gathered as part of the Take Back the Archive project at UVA.

  • qMD Website. The website of a medical student organization at UVA dedicated to promoting awareness surrounding LGBTQIA+ issues in medicine.

  • The Serpentine Society. The website of the Serpentine Society of UVA, an inclusive alumni/ae organization established in 1998. The website includes an archive of awards dating back to 1999, which have been given to recognize contributions made to advancing LGBTQIA+ causes at UVA.

  • UVA Queer History, 2003. An online project to collect historical documents related to LGBTQIA+ history at UVA, created by the Queer Student Union and the LGBT Resource Center. Note that the original website is no longer active, but an archived version dating from 2003-2012 is available through the Internet Archive.

  • Women's Center Archive, 1979-2022. This resource consists of digitized documents from the UVA Women's Center, covering issues of race, gender, sexuality, and their relation to sexual violence. These materials were gathered as part of the Take Back the Archive project at UVA.

Books, Articles, and Presentations

Below is a list of books, articles, and presentations related to the history of LGBTQIA+ at UVA Health. The list is arranged in chronological order.

Records and Other Archival Materials

LGBTQIA+ History in Virginia

This is a short list of suggested resources for research into the broader area of LGBTQIA+ history in Virginia.

Online Resources


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