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In the early 2000s, Historical Collections staff at the Claude Moore Health Sciences Library (CMHSL) were involved with the development of numerous online exhibits exploring topics related to the history of medicine. Many of these exhibits began as physical displays in the Health Sciences Library lobby and featured highlights from the Library's rare collections.

Some of the web exhibits remain available on the Health Sciences Library's website, but please note that these sites are not all actively maintained. Other exhibits have since been retired and can now be viewed in an archived form through the Internet Archive.

If you have questions about past or present web exhibits, please contact Historical Collections staff at the Claude Moore Health Sciences Library: hsl-historical@virginia.edu or 434-982-0576.

Historical Collections Online Exhibits

Web Exhibits 

Online Exhibits Related to the History of UVA Health

CMHSL Exhibits Related to UVA Health

  • The Anatomical Theatre. An exhibit created to document the history of the first building designed for medical education at UVA. The exhibit describes the origins of the building, its design, and its role in the early medical education curriculum.

  • Physician Price Fixing in 19th Century Virginia. This exhibit explores an 1848 fee bill which documents an "agreed rate of medical charges" for various services offered by 19th century medical practitioners. The fee bill is signed by twelve Charlottesville physicians, many of who are University of Virginia School of Medicine graduates and/or faculty members.

  • Eugenics: Three Generations, No Imbeciles: Virginia, Eugenics, and Buck v. Bell. Within this exhibit, you will find a summary of the history of Eugenics in Virginia, with particular focus on the Buck v. Bell case. This exhibit was originally created in 2002 and formatted for the Web in 2004.

  • The 8th Evacuation Hospital. An overview of the UVA Health's contributions in World War II, by way of a UVA-sponsored medical unit, the 8th Evacuation Hospital, which served in North African and Italy from 1942-1945.

  • History of Cancer Care at the University of Virginia, 1901-2011. The exhibit draws on material from a 2011 book by the same name, developed by Henry K. Sharp and Morton C. Wilhelm in partnership with the Claude Moore Health Sciences Library.

Other Online Exhibits of Interest (Non-CMHSL)

These exhibits are not created or maintained by the Claude Moore Health Sciences Library.

Archived CMHSL Exhibits Related to UVA Health

These exhibits are no longer maintained by the Claude Moore Health Sciences Library but remain available through the Internet Archive.

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